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As Manisha Pande, the Executive Editor at Newslaundry highlighted how, "An advertisement funded model of 'News' depends upon hooking up the citizens on toxic oxygen of hate", I realized that this 'news' has indeed made us numb; unable to question our own governments or hold them accountable. Moreover, if the Government itself is an advertiser, who's to say that a journalistic organization is working freely, to its full potential? Numerous instances of deliberate misreporting, inciting opinions, provocative and communalized debates are dividing us all, across regions, religions and so on. You and I need a hard reset, or else we'll crumble away into nothingness. Let's do it together.

Over the years, I've come across a little too many news sources. Even though you cannot change your favourite set of news sources, expanding it shouldn't be a problem. I want you to add the news sources/ventures/organizations that we'll discuss below to your 'following' list. I'm not their spokesperson, endorser or a supporter, yet I can say from personal experience that they've helped me see things even more critically.

Some might feel that the list is biased. Well, yes, the list is biased towards criticality, accuracy, quality of reporting and bringing to the viewer what really matters to them, not 'balancing acts'.

I've decided not to mention links to these sources. Search for them on Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, even LinkedIn and so on. You need to take the initiative to begin the change. Trust me, I did too.

The Hindu

One of the oldest daily newspapers in India, even before it's Independence. With a straightforward and professional approach to presenting news, this newspaper may seem a little too boring to you. It doesn't exist to please you, but instead to wake you up, really.

The Indian Express

Towering along with The Hindu, this newspaper daily has stood it's test of time, preserving journalistic values. I've personally subscribed to this newspaper, on a weekly basis.


An international news agency that captures a multitude of reports over the world. Their photo-journalism is commendable.


With a novel approach to reporting news as easily understandable graphical statistics and posts, this venture can be found on Instagram. With no clutter, they deliver facts to you.


Shekhar Gupta, a seasoned journalist's flourishing news venture; ThePrint has managed to deliver reports, articles and opinion pieces without nonsense, to the viewer.


A news venture that runs solely on viewer contributions, with zero advertisements. It's almost heroic in a sense.


This is a fact-checking website which you definitely need to stay connected with. Pratik Sinha, the founder of this venture has been fighting fake news since a time when none of knew if something like this could exist.


An alternative take on the legacy National media source Doordarshan, this venture stands as a mirror to the Indians.

SM Hoax Slayer

One of the oldest fake news slayers that I've personally seen, similar to AltNews in essence, yet probably smaller in scale. Quality work nonetheless.

The Lallantop

With a fine blend of the dialects from the Hindi heartland, Saurabh Dwivedi, the Founding Editor of Lallantop brings forth great reporting and articles alongwith their team.

The Wire

If you're an ardent supporter or fan of any governmental or ideological establishment, this news venture will pierce your soul with every article that they publish.

The Quint

Great reporting, articles and initiatives. You might have seen their pretty great section 'Ye Jo India Hai Na' on Facebook. Do not be deceived by their inviting artworks and color choices, they're as critical as they come.

Peeing Human

A venture that stays critical of all establishments, and champions the cause of the citizens. Primarily on YouTube. You know what? Mark this off as a must follow.

Unfiltered by Samdish Bhatia

An alternative take on news reporting, where fearlessness and rawness conquers it all. Great one-take shots of ground-zeroes and uncut delivery.

NDTV & News24

One of the few poignant news sources left on the TV News industry. Avoid 'debates' from these channels.

Talking about this would result in a conflict of interest.

Fact is, even though we all want great changes, none of it will ever be in our reach if we consume shams and echo mindless chatters that are fed to us. Stop eating, check the recipe and the chef first. I hope you'll reform the way you choose and consume news. Let the change begin from here.

I must remind you. You don't need to replace your sources, just add these to the mix.

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I'm working on another article related to 'News Personalities' that one should add to their list as well. Hopefully, it will be out soon. Needless to say, I'm not asking you to blindly follow these sources. Wake up and question everybody. If you do not agree with something, contact them. Don't crib.

Stay safe and awesome. Thank you.

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