Abhinav Thakur

I exist in a myriad of lies.

A writer of sorts, ever-ready to express and imbibe conversations and ideas. Over the years, life steered me away from the chimes of words. With rusty craft and solemn skills, the zeal to write shines bright. Even though a major part of my journey began on people's whim, I decided to live through and complete them on my terms. Traveling and exploring places excite me to the core.

Current Obsessions

  • Reading

  • Automation

  • Humanity

  • Volunteering

  • Animals and Wildlife

  • Gaming

  • Finance

  • Cosmos

  • Journalism

  • Media

  • DevOps

  • CNCF


  • Carl Sagan

  • Richard Feynman

  • Edgar Allan Poe

  • Bill Gates

  • Everything Technology

  • Ramanujan

  • Ruskin Bond

In search of

  • Constructive Dialogue

  • Knowledge

  • Solution Oriented Discourse

  • Forging Bonds of Togetherness

Best tips

  • Never lie to yourself. Whatever you are, however you are, you're your own person. Acknowledge, accept, brainstorm and move.

  • You don't need someone else's approval to validate your existence.